What We Have

CSD Scotland are proud to have the largest, purpose-built NDT facility in the North-East of Scotland. In our uniquely designed workshop facility, there are four bespoke radiography exposure bays operating with the very latest safety systems.

Each of the four large exposure bays are equipped with the latest Gulmay X-Ray sets and Sentinel Gamma Ray exposure devices. Our hydrostatic pressure testing facility offers 288m2 of floor space with a maximum pressure rating of 15,000 psi.

We hold an extensive range of flanges, gaskets and bolting equipment to meet the demands of the market. The pressure bay is fitted with two cameras, one static and one controlled with a zoom facility to allow remote visual inspection of any joints.

The new facility boasts an extensive range of lifting equipment with two ten tonne overhead cranes and immediate access to a fleet of mobile cranes with lifting capacity up to 130 tonne and forklift trucks from 3.5 to 18 tonne capacities.

What We Have...

  • The largest, purpose built NDT and Hydrostatic testing facility in the north east
  • 1344m2 workshop space
  • 288m2 Hydrostatic pressure testing space with a max pressure rating of 15,000 psi
  • Bespoke radiography exposure bays
  • Very latest safety systems
  • Latest 225Kv Gulmay x-ray equipment
  • 160Kv CP Phillips equipment
  • Rigaku 300Kv equipment
  • Sentinel gamma ray exposure devices
  • Latest digital ultrasonic inspection equipment on the market
  • An extremely well qualified and experienced team who are committed to quality and the satisfaction of it’s clients
  • BINDT Associate Membership